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Need Financial Help Badly!!!

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I am a 56 yeard old widow that has fallen on hard times. I need $2500.00 this week before I become homeless. I bring home on an average of $750.00 a month and all my appliances have gone on the blink. I need help now. I have no cell phone, no health insurance, no car insurance. I live ameager life, no luxuries. PLEASE HELP ME> STRESS KILLING ME. My health is failing. I just need a little help.

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I am a 54 year old widow,i just lost my husband in March after being married for 32 years. He had diabetes,2 transplants,heart problems with a pacemaker defibrillator,and a leg amputation and walked with a prosthetic leg. He was an encouragement to all,a faithful christian and we put our trust in God to get us through it all. He passed away due to multi organ systems failure.We experienced astronomical medical expenses. I am inquring to see if someone could help me with $5,000.00 to pay off the medical bills and get my head above water. i do work a job but find it hard to make it from pay day to pay day the help of this amount would get me out of the debt and i could start anew for myself. Can anyone help me I am trusting God to send someone to my rescue.Thank You and God Bless

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I need urgent help, before I go insane, I'm single with lots of debts, from creditors, and people, because I've had to move from one place to the other, after a string of bad luck (mugged/house broken into etc), now that I've found a decent flat, and am trying to settle down, I still cant breath because I've got debts for people and couple of shops, and I need at least about $2000, and this will help me payoff everything including my previous college debt, and thereafter I would have a peace of mind, I am from south africa, so its very difficult to even get any other form of income excpet rely on my current job, which although decent doesnt pay me enough to pay-off my debts, within a year, but if I were to get this amount I couldnt manage my meagre salary better..and have some peace. My emai ad is you can email me if you are willing to help, I can imagine my december holiday being the most misarable one this year if I dont get help soon.

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