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Need Financial Help Badly!!!

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Hello My name is Iris and I need help badly , well my family and I need help badly, we are 22 years old and we have a debt of 15000 dollars, my husband took over his aunt loan or else she will go to prison, so he is being paying on this loan but it never seems to go away, we don't have money for food, my son has his milk from wic but he is growin up and soon he will need regular food please help us I don't know how much of this I cant take I havent ate in two days please help us

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We need a decent home to live in.We live in a double wide mobile home.And I can't do anything with it.Everything is falling apart.We put a new kitchen floor down, its coming up, so we cannot have a decent floor. Wasted money trying to repair it to no avail.Its still coming up.The walls and little paper thin strips in the wall are coming down. Its really pathetic and junky.Everything here is falling apart.Its a 1997 mobile home. It should be Recalled, Its JUNK. I am so tired of living in junk and wasting money trying to repair and redo the Whole thing, just to have it fall apart. We have to buy window air conditioners because the so called central heat and air unit keeps breaking down. Its so hot and uncomfortable. I HATE IT. I can only Hope the thing catches fire and burns down so we can get insurance money and Buy A Decent Home to Live in. We have Tried to buy a home,but everyone says No. Even Habitat for Humanity Refused to let us fill out an application.I could buy a home by now, compared to the amount of wasted money on this junk. but No one will help us get a decent home.IF there is a good samaritian who can help us and find it in your heart to help us,Please email me at It will be Greatly and Forever Appreciated.We just want a Home to live in.If someone could finance us a home, maybe we could find one in Foreclosure and buy one cheap.We just want a decent Home to live in.Please help us. Please PRAY for us. All I can do is Pray and trust in God. If you can help, Lets get together and talk. I will give you the tour and let you see this pathetic mobile home.The closet racks have even fell down and cannot be repaired. because the Walls are so thin, it wont hold the racks anymore. Its so annoying having to put clothes in sideways on torn up racks that wont stay.If you can seriously help, lets get together and talk and I will show you this mess.And Our True Need for a Good Home. Thank You.

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I need financial help please. When I was doing well financially I had no problem helping other people, as a matter of fact, I was generous to a fault. Now I need help but there is no one there for me. I lost my job, but I am employable but need help now and in this economy a job may come today or in next month. I am $6,000. in arrears on my mortgage; the total amount I need now is $2,000 for bills such as phone, utilities, insurance for home and car. Thank you

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Right now is the worst time of my life, I am married and have 2 young children, I work full time for the State making crappy wages. My husband is unemployed due to a severe illness. My mother just passed away and we still have funeral expenses. I'm about to lose everything over money. We can't keep up with rent and bills, we have no income or assistance regarding my husbands illness. I have worked hard all my life and it seems I just can't even break even. I can't get a loan, I am at my wits end. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I have been been refused help online, at various banks.

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scott j smith

hi...i need help badly....we are in debt up to our eyeballs....we have had 2 judgements against us and 1 garnishment...if we get annother garnishment my wife will lose her job....last year the van that my father co-signed for my family was repossesed and i cannot afford to pay the amount...they have contacted me about the bill and have said they will go after my dad for this amount since he cosigned....the problem is that since the loan he has retired and d my dad and mom now live on a fixed income...also he has undergone some major health setbacks...they have no extra money to help...i know this is my debt and i fully intend to pay it so....if anyone out there could give me a loan..of any sort i will make payment arrangements with you until it is paid off....i hope you all understand...i dont want a freebee i just need a hand up ...the total i need to pay is $6500.00 and i can pay back about $200.00 a month to start and go up from there thank you scott j smith

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Help keep my nephew safe

We are in need of monitary donations to pay for our nephews attorney. He is a year and a half old and we have been fighting to keep him with us since he was two months old. His mother is a heroin addict and he was born addicted to heroin and other drugs. She has been in and out of rehabs since he was born. She continues to relapse as soon as she is released but continues to fight to get him back. She has not been in his life or even seen him in the last six months. He doesnt even remember her and now she is taking us back to court to get custody of him. We have run out of money to pay the attorney and are in desperate need for help. Our intire family is out of money to fight for him and we do not know what to do. If we can not afford an attorney the court will give him back to her. We can not take the chance for her to get him back. If he is returned to her the only thing we will have left is to pray he makes it and she doesnt give him away for drugs. We have given her many chances to straighten up and get him back and each and everytime she puts his preciouse little life in danger without a thought. Last time she had him she was arrested and we had to clean the appartment out. It was full of needles and containers of urine so she could pass her drug tests. All of this was where the baby could get it. It is lucky something didnt happen to him that time. He is in a loving, happy home where he is very well taken care of and is our top priority. We desperatly need the help of generouse, loving, kind strangers. We do not know where else to turn. PLEASE HELP!!! He is a miracle from God someone please be his Angel!!! We have all of his court papers from the very beginning if you would like to see them we will fax you copies, We want you to know that all pledges will be directly sent to his attorney from you!!! Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

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Praise God that so many people are in need. But the real question is how many people would help each other in need? I have learned that if you give it will be given back to you. So say that we all just started to give someone we dint know a dollar and that person sent someone they didn't know a dollar then we all would be blessed in one way or another. So lets start here. I will send a dollar to some one if they send me their address and I will leave my address below. We all have to learn to give in order to receive. Gods Blessings to all. 3021 Sheridan St Anderson, In 46016

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My boyfriend is suffering from pancreatitis. If he does not get an operation soon he will die. It will cost him $20000USD and his family cannot come up with even half of that. The doctors will not operate unless they get the money. Please help. This guy is the best friend i've ever had in my entire life. I need him.

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We are a family of five. We had three small children 3 - 1 - and one on the way. It is hard, we have been trying to buy a house but our credit is horrible. We can not get financed for anything. If you know of anything or can help in any way please let us know.

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We are a family of 2 Hi I've had 2 open heart surgeries in the past and just recently I have been diagnosed with an advanced stage of Rheumatoid Arthritis ,whith which I must take Chemotherapy evey day which makes me very sick and I can not work and was actually fired from my job in May for this reason. I cannot afford health insurance and I have many medical bills and other household bills that I cannot pay. My husband is also disabled as well. We are on the verge of losing everything , is there anyone out there that would be able to help in anyway, it would be ever so greatly appreciated. I have contacted every available help agency in our area and it seems I do not qualify for help , the frustration is hard on us and I feel there is no hope left. I dont see any light at the end of the tunnel.Im going to give up, this is my last chance.

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I am a 56 yeard old widow that has fallen on hard times. I need $2500.00 this week before I become homeless. I bring home on an average of $750.00 a month and all my appliances have gone on the blink. I need help now. I have no cell phone, no health insurance, no car insurance. I live ameager life, no luxuries. PLEASE HELP ME> STRESS KILLING ME. My health is failing. I just need a little help.

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I am a 54 year old widow,i just lost my husband in March after being married for 32 years. He had diabetes,2 transplants,heart problems with a pacemaker defibrillator,and a leg amputation and walked with a prosthetic leg. He was an encouragement to all,a faithful christian and we put our trust in God to get us through it all. He passed away due to multi organ systems failure.We experienced astronomical medical expenses. I am inquring to see if someone could help me with $5,000.00 to pay off the medical bills and get my head above water. i do work a job but find it hard to make it from pay day to pay day the help of this amount would get me out of the debt and i could start anew for myself. Can anyone help me I am trusting God to send someone to my rescue.Thank You and God Bless

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I need urgent help, before I go insane, I'm single with lots of debts, from creditors, and people, because I've had to move from one place to the other, after a string of bad luck (mugged/house broken into etc), now that I've found a decent flat, and am trying to settle down, I still cant breath because I've got debts for people and couple of shops, and I need at least about $2000, and this will help me payoff everything including my previous college debt, and thereafter I would have a peace of mind, I am from south africa, so its very difficult to even get any other form of income excpet rely on my current job, which although decent doesnt pay me enough to pay-off my debts, within a year, but if I were to get this amount I couldnt manage my meagre salary better..and have some peace. My emai ad is you can email me if you are willing to help, I can imagine my december holiday being the most misarable one this year if I dont get help soon.

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